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Thursday, July 19, 2012

How will you Make a Computer Game for Free

Science and techno world topic: PROBLEM SOLVER

I bet that, if you are an avid gamer, that you have always wanted to make your own game. However, you probably aren't willing to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars into buying a good game making software, without even knowing if it's going to work. Ok, now to the interesting stuff:

  1. Decide which kind of game will it be. Adventure? RPG? FPS? TPS? MMO? RTS?
  2. Decide which engine will you use. Every engine is different, and I suggest 001 if you have no programming knowledge, or Unity, UDK or CryEngine If you have some programming knowledge
  3. Learn how to program, if the engine requires programming knowledge. This is a very important part of the game making process.
  4. Learn the engine. Tinker with it all around, create some basic stuff.
  5. Start small. When I started making games, they were far too complicated, and I hadn't finished a single one in half an year.
  6. Create the storyline. What's the background of the main character? Let's say: A man whose  father was killed while he was a children, and now he wants revenge. What's the main objective(s) of the said character? Kill the person who killed his father?
  7. If you want to start with 3D, use Daz3D, Bryce Studio and Hexagon to make your objects and characters. They are giving them out for free for a while.
  8. Test, test, and test again. The worst thing that can happen is to find a bug after the game has been published.
  9. Publish your game on the internet.
  10. Resources:

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