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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Latest interesting inventions 2013 (Part 2)

6. TrakDot Luggage
No more lost bags! Slip this gadget into your luggage and stay informed about its location via text message, email or an app. Get notified when your suitcase arrives in your destination city, for example, or program TrakDot to alert you when it’s on the baggage carousel. Available in April. $49.95, plus $8.99 to activate and a $12.99 annual service fee; TrakDot.com

7. CordCruncher
Untangling earbuds after they’ve been stuffed in a purse, gym bag or pocket can be a pain. CordCruncher prevents knots by keeping the cord straight within an elastic sleeve. Pull the earbuds out from one side when you’re ready to use them, and then drag the sleeve back over the cord for easy storage. $25; CordCruncher.com

8. NanoTouch Travel Mat
This portable, anti-microbial travel mat cleans itself—it kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. Use (and re-use) it to protect personal items from germ-infested surfaces like hotel vanities, airplane tray tables and cruise ship countertops. Small mats start at 6”x9”, the perfect size for hotel nightstands and restaurant surfaces. The 9”x12” version comes in a convenient tube for easy packing for the plane. From $9.95; NanotouchMaterials.com

9. SpareOnePlus
Stay connected in an emergency without relying on cell phone carriers or power outlets. A single AA battery provides 10 hours of talk time, and the phone keeps its charge for up to 15 years. While no additional accessories are required to dial 911, a pre-paid SIM card (or one from your regular cell phone) allows you to call any other number. A feature of this upgraded model is that its location can be identified via an app. Available in late February. Price to be determined; SpareOne.com

10. HapiFork
A dieter’s dream, the electronic HapiFork can actually help you lose weight while eating. The fork vibrates if you take bites more frequently than every 10 seconds, increasing awareness of how much you consume. By slowing your eating, HapiFork claims to cut calories; an online dashboard tracks how long it took you to finish your meal and how many forkfuls you swallowed. Available this spring. $99; Hapilabs.com

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