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Monday, June 11, 2012

China prepares for manned space flight

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Rocket launch in June,

China pushes its own plans for the space station at full speed: Even mid-June will be sent three astronauts on their way to the space module "Tian Gong 1".The spacecraft "Shenzhou-9" and the rocket have already been put to the launch pad in the desert.

Predecessor "Shenzhou 8" ; China is driving its space program
Beijing - China is clearly right on schedule for its space program: to make the middle of June, and thus at the beginning of the targeted period, a manned spacecraft is on its way to the test module "Tian Gong 1" into orbit, as the state news agency Xinhua reported on Saturday. The spacecraft "Shenzhou-9" and the launch vehicle had been taken already on the launch pad in Jiuquan spaceport in the desert in the northwest of the country.

On board the spacecraft are expected to go three astronauts, including probably the first time a Chinese woman, as Xinhua reported, citing representatives of the national space program. The team "female astronauts could" include news agency quoted the deputy commander of the manned space program, Niu Hongguang.

The government had announced in 2010 that two pilots of the Air Force would take part in the astronaut program, but announced no further details. How long will the mission, said the government did not cooperate.

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