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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Too many tourists; UNESCO is concerned about the Great Barrier Reef

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Sydney - Australia: The UNESCO has warned in strong terms that protect the Great Barrier Reef more. The industrial development of the country, the tourism and coal mining thus threaten the World Heritage List. Should not improve the situation, the reef could come off the east coast of Australia on the list of endangered World Heritage properties, the  UNESCO  World Heritage Committee wrote in a report.

The  UNESCO  has sounded the alarm: If Australia's fragile ecosystem is not more protection, it could get on the list of endangered World Heritage properties.

Australia must do more to preserve the fragile ecosystem of the damage at tourism as well as coal and gas mining. Every year about two million people visit the World Heritage List. Should be on the coast near the reef, no more new ports are built especially warns the Unesco report. Australia in February 2013 needs to submit a report now on the implementation of protective measures. Then will the UNESCO, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to decide on the listing.
In addition, the World Heritage Committee requested an independent investigation of the detailed work in the port of Gladstone in Queensland. The impact of the construction of a gas terminal on the nearby Curtis Island will be re-examined, according to Unesco.
Australia can not implement all the requirements
In Australia, the UNESCO-criticism was rejected at the weekend sharp. It will protect the environment, but do not jeopardize the economic future, said about the Prime Minister of the State of Queensland, Campbell Newman. "We are in the coal business. If we want good schools and hospitals and police officers on patrol, you must realize that all," said Newman.
According to Environment Minister Tony Burke can not put his country some of the recommendations from the UNESCO report, because the permits were issued for the affected infrastructure projects already. The chairman of the Queensland Resources Council, which represents the interests of the extractive industry, Michael Roche said, it would already done enough to protect the Barrier Reef. Support came from the other hand, the environmental group Greenpeace.
Australia is the world's largest coal exporter. A large part is shipped from ports near the Great Barrier Reef. The reef comprises more than 2,900 coral reefs that stretch some 2,600 kilometers along the east coast of Australia

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